Next to Loonette's couch is her dollhouse where the funny Foley family lives.

Foley photoshop 2

Dad, Mom and Andy Foley do not speak, but communicate with their own distinctive sounds that express their ever-changing moods and accentuate their delightful slapstick comedy.

In the episode "I Feel Good," the Foley family can be seen in action. Midway through the episode, Loonette decides to play with the foley family in her doll house. She describes them saying they have lots of body parts that can bend and pose before noticing that Jim Foley is on the couch but "...he doesn't look too well." Loonette picks Jim up off the couch and decides to put him in a pink foot basin tub.

The scene then crossfades into the life sized version of the Foleys. Jim foley is wrapped in a lobster blanket with red pock marks covering his face as he sits on the couch with his feet in the tub, sneezing violently while Eileen struggles to put a pink pouch on his Jim's head to cool him to no avail. Jim sneezes again and knocks Eileen over. As Eileen scrambles to her feet, she surprises Jim and they yelp in shock, and Jim promptly takes one foot out of the tub only to sneeze again and flip over the couch.
Foleys breaking the fourth wall

The Foley family in the episode "I Feel Good."

Jim grabs onto the couch before pulling him up, groaning as he does. He falls back down behind the couch and Eileen grunts as she hoists him up and rolls him over the top of the couch. She wraps the blanket around him again and puts his feet back in the tub, narrowly avoiding yet another one of Jim's sneezes as she runs into the kitchen. She returns with a tea pot and removes the lid as she hands it to Jim. She communicates to him with a series of high pitched Jim shrugs his shoulders and drinks its contents, his red pock marks disappearing instantly. Jim, suddenly feeling better, sets the pot down and throws off the blanket, and Eileen joins him in a dance around the couch.

As they celebrate, a loud noise shakes the whole house, and Jim and Eileen stop in their tracks as they look to the door. The door opens and reveals Andy Foley, their son, who steps into view with the same red pock marks that Jim head. Andy wheezes and sighs and walks towards his parents, who grab his hands as he sneezes and shakes the whole house yet again. Jim and Eileen scramble back to Andy and look into the camera before rushing him over to the tub. They lift him up and he hops into the tub shoes and all and plops down and the couch. They wrap him in the blanket, pouch and put the tea pot in his hands. The episode ends with Jim and Eileen holding Andy gingerly and looking at him affectionately while he stares into the camera.

Swaggy nemes
Jim foley and the tub of doom

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