Loonette The Clown and her Dolly Molly.

Loonette The clown is the main character to the BBC's (not a

euphemism) show the big comfy couch which also premiered on  PBS (most certainly a euphemism). Loonette  is a young 23 year old girl clown who stil acts like she's five (metal retardation) and plays with her dolly named Molly. She lives  on her big green comfy couch.  Her best friend is Molly  her doll and a man named Major Bedhead  who is an adult (you really keep stressing this adult thing). She lives with her Auntie Macassar and her Uncle Chester but they are never there unless it's a mirthday or a holiday like Christmas. Her parents are never seen or mentioned.

Loonette is played by Alyson Court  and Ramona Gilmour-Darling.  Loonette often goes over to her Granny Garbonzo's garden  and hang's out with Granny, Snickelfritz and Major Bedhead.  Loonette sometimes thinks she knows more then Major Bedhead  and thinks out loud about it every day.  Sometimes Loonette forgets her manners and takes stuff from Major  bedhead when she is excited when a package arrives for her even if the package isn't her's.    She is ninteen in season 7

She is the only Teenager to appear on the show. It's revealed in "This Little Piggy" that she is really ticklish. She loves to tickle Molly sometimes.

Loonette is Age 13 for the show's Debut

Loonette is 14 Years Old in Season 2

Loonette is 15 Years Old in Season 3

Loonette is 16 Years Old in Season 4

Loonette is 17 Years Old in Season 5

Loonette is 18 Years Old in Season 6

Loonette is 19 Years Old in Season 7

Lonnette is 13 Years Old in Season 8

Lonnette is 14 Years Old in Season 9

Lonnette is 15 Years Old in Season 10

Lonnette is 16 Years Old in Season 11

Lonnette is 17 Years Old in Season 12

Lonnette is 18 Years Old in Season 13-752

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